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Focused On Plan Design
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Retirement planning is at the core of our business. We deliver solutions for almost any size and type of retirement plan. Our consultative process for plan 050sponsors and personal approach to education helps you offer a plan that is a best fit for you and your participants. We supply unique methods to monitor the success of your plan. Ultimately2 allowing your employees better opportunities to achieve their retirement goals, while helping reduce administrative, and fiduciary burdens.

 Find out how the recent  Fiduciary Rule effects you.


Retirement Plan Benchmarking

Its not just about fiduciary protection.
Fee and plan design features have a huge impact on retirement savings for participants and the value of a company's retirement plan as an employee recruitment and retention tool.  Don't neglect the benchmarking process.


Our Unique Retirement Plan Design Process

Our unique service model is focused on the employee.  Hagan Newkirk has found that no single step provides more value to a plan, nor has a bigger impact on its participants, than face-to-face time with each and every participant in the plan.  We take that time, seriously.


Helping to Reduce
Fiduciary Liability

Fiduciaries have important responsibilities.
The stakes for fiduciaries are high.  Hagan Newkirk provides ERISA 3 (38) Investment Managment Services to ensure fiduciary decisions are always in the best interest of companies and their retirement plan participants.


Increased Retirement Plan Participation

We help employers rally their employees around retirement planning!
Our on-site Advisor, face-to-face meetings are designed to help participants evaluate their risk tolerance and help guide them towards choosing investment option(s) that are the right fit for them.


Personalized Investment Allocations

Investment decisions don't have to be difficult.
Hagan Newkirk dismantles the notion that making investment decisions has to be "difficult" or "hard". We work one-on-one with participants, making sure they understand all options and are comfortable with their decisions and money.

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