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How to Increase Your Company’s Retirement Plan Participation

30 May

How to Increase Your Company’s Retirement Plan Participation

How to Increase Your Company’s Retirement Plan Participation

Hagan Newkirk takes the time to educate and engage with your employees.

We excel at making sure your participants are taken care of, they understand their retirement plan investment options and are able to make solid decisions for their financial futures.

Our on-site advisor, face-to-face meetings are designed to help participants evaluate their risk tolerance and help guide them towards choosing investment options that are right for them.

For individuals who have not spent a lot of time with a financial advisor it can be a daunting and intimidating process to sit down with an advisor for the first time. Hagan Newkirk advisors are thoughtful of this fact and we are highly skilled at making sure all employees are comfortable and at home talking face-to-face with us about their current financial status, their retirement goals and the retirement plan enrollment process. Hagan Newkirk financial advisors are approachable, transparent, and speak in layman terms!

Often times it’s hard to find retirement plan advisors that give extra care and attention to retirement plan participants and the financial planning process. If you’re reading this, look no further, Hagan Newkirk

Hagan Newkirk’s Retirement Plan Participant Based Service Model:Our Retirement Plan Participant On-Boarding Process
Hagan Newkirk designs and conducts engaging and educational retirement plan enrollment sessions for company work force/employees. Our effective on-boarding process is one of the biggest reasons employers in the Little Rock Arkansas area choose and trust Hagan Newkirk to provide and manage their retirement plans and investment options.

STEP 1: Hagan Newkirk works with employers to rally their employees around retirement planning! Communication is key, Hagan Newkirk gives employers creative and effective ways to promote retirement plan enrollment by providing:

  • Custom designed informational e-mails to send to employees with retirement plan enrollment meeting date(s), location(s), and time(s).
  • Custom designed retirement plan enrollment flyers and posters for the office, break rooms, bathrooms, etc.
  • Custom designed retirement plan enrollment paystub notices and/or clock-in prompt notices.
  • Any and all other creative forms of communication that are a good fit for employers to rally their employees around participating in the company’s retirement plan!

STEP 2: Hagan Newkirk advisors conduct enrollment sessions. Our goal is to effectively get employees through the financial planning process by engaging them in thoughtful dialogue, helping to determine their risk tolerance, analyzing Gap Reports, suggesting Catch-up Plan options, educating employees on investment options and finally guiding them to make the right investment choices that are a fit for them.

Hagan Newkirk presents on screen illustrations to employees in enrollment meetings. These visuals help to explain the enrollment process, any retirement plan changes that employees need to be made aware of, and/or any new investment options that are available that they might want to consider. Our advisors explain in detail how to fill out our simple 7 Question Risk Questionnaire and Retirement Plan Enrollment form. Advisors are on hand during the entire enrollment meeting, answering questions, offering knowledge and support. This encourages employees to become participants before leaving the enrollment session.
Typically, employers will see 90 – 95% of their employees successfully enrolled in retirement plan options after attending the enrollment meeting.

Ongoing Participant Level Service Efforts
Based on company’s service level agreement

1) On-site face-to-face meetings scheduled between Hagan Newkirk Advisors and Participants: Meeting invites and scheduling are managed by Hagan Newkirk, service does not require internal resources be provided by companies for inviting and scheduling ongoing service to participants. Hagan Newkirk takes care of it all.

2) Participant Retirement Planning Meeting Frequency: 1 time per year/Minimum Service Plan, 1 time per month/Maximum Service Plan. Most companies typically choose to have Hagan Newkirk provide services quarterly.

Hagan Newkirk help employees separate their emotions from their money, making it easier for them to make smart, level headed financial decisions. Meetings are 100% focused on what the participants want to talk about, helping each individual to design an “Invest, Plan, Live” financial road map!

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If you don’t currently have a plan, we’ll discuss options.  If you already have a plan we’ll discuss how it is set-up and how we can improve it!

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