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Hagan Newkirk’s Unique Retirement Plan Service Model

15 May

Hagan Newkirk’s Unique Retirement Plan Service Model

Our Unique Retirement Plan Service Model

What is the goal for offering a Qualified Retirement Plan to your employees?
1) To attract and retain quality employees
2) To give employee’s the tools they need to achieve a dignified retirement
3) Both

No matter your answer, there is a lot at stake.  So how do you measure the success of your Qualified Retirement Plan when it comes to achieving your goal(s)?

Hagan Newkirk’s success over the past 25 years has been largely due to our passion to help companies help their employees achieve their individual retirement goals.  Our unique service model is focused on the employee.  We have found that no single step provides more value to a plan, nor has a bigger impact on its participants, than face-to-face time with participants.

Hagan Newkirk’s professional financial advisors, engage in caring and meaningful conversations with participants.  Taking the time to understand each individual employee’s circumstances first.  Then advising them, in unintimidating layman’s terms, on the steps they need to take to reach retirement successfully.

Research has shown that most participants don’t engage fully in their company’s retirement plan NOT because they can’t afford it – but because they don’t really understand it.  Large retirement vendors have done a great job of providing online tools for determining what and how one should invest, but the truth is…the vast majority of participants never utilize these tools due to not understanding them or they are simply overwhelmed by them.

Our personal, one-on-one approach helps plan participants better understand the need for contributing to their plan, diversifying their investments and staying the course over time.  Hagan Newkirk is NOT a once-a-year (at open enrollment) advisory firm.  Retirement planning is what we do!  Our unique service model puts our skilled Retirement Plan Team on-campus several times a year for ongoing education and personalized advice.

Your retirement plan, and especially your employees, are far too valuable to settle for a part-time retirement broker/banker or a 1-800-advisor offered to you by your vendor.

In addition to our Focused Service Model for employees, another significant part of Hagan Newkirk’s success is our team’s focus on you, the Plan Sponsor.  In today’s world of ever-increasing regulation, employee-sponsored litigation, changing fiduciary landscape and expanding DOL intrusion – all Plan Sponsors should consult with a full-time, retirement focused fiduciary partner.

Hagan Newkirk provides a large selection of Consulting Services, including:
  • ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) 3(21) and 3(38) Fiduciary Services*
  • Independent Fund Analysis and Investment Policy Statement Design and Maintenance
  • Ongoing, On-Campus and On-line Employee Retirement Plan Education and Enrollment Services
  • Retirement Plan Design Review and Maintenance
  • Contractual Service Agreement Disclosing all Fees and Services
  • Retirement Plan Benchmarking, RFP (Request for Proposal) and Retirement Plan Vendor Searches at No Charge
  • Retirement Plan Sponsor Fiduciary Training Modules
  • Professionally Managed Investment Allocation Portfolios
  • Qualified ERISA Attorney on Your Retirement Plan Service Team

*Fiduciary services are offered in conjunction with Qualified Plan Advisors, Kansas City, MO.

The days of “going it alone” or “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” are over.
Hire Hagan Newkirk, we are the BEST Retirement Plan Service Team in Central Arkansas, we will help you:

  • Make the most of your Retirement Plan
  • Protect you as a Retirement Plan Fiduciary
  • Give your employees the best opportunity to enjoy their retirement years

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